We make your goals our goals...

With 25 years of working with healthcare professionals throughout the country, we understand that each individual is unique and deserves one-on-one attention when customizing their financial portfolios.  We are dedicated to addressing the needs of healthcare professionals from your residency training and beyond.

It all boils down to customer service and the dedicated professionals at Sanfillipo Financial make it a priority to be personally available to you. 

Our promise is to get to know you, your personal goals, your values and your risk tolerance and customize wealth management strategies that reflect your vision.  Planning is an essential first step to creating and managing a plan that will help lead to your financial success; not only for yourself but for your family and your career.

It is our pleasure to welcome you into a confidential and trusted relationship with Sanfillipo Financial.

There are many stages to Planning through various life events, we wanted to highlight on the key areas.  

  • Dental or Medical School 

    • Starting to worry about student loan options? 

    • Looking for a customized budget? 

    • Individual is looking for a customized financial website (watch video under "What is Financial Planning"). 

  • Residency Program

    • Disability Insurance 

    • Life Insurance 

    • Cash Flow Breakdown

    • Financial Seminars 

    • Contract Negotation 

    • Goal Planning

  • Running your Practice 

    • Integrated Wealth Managment 

    • Life Insurance Planning 

    • Tax-Smart Investing Strategies 

    • Business Planning (see business owner page for more details)

    • Goal Planning 

  • Retirement Focused 

    • 401(k) rollover

    • Liquidation Strategy 

    • Retirement Planning 

    • Business Sucession Planning 

    • Asset Allocation Changes

  • Enjoying your Retirement 

    • Business Liquidation 

    • Private Equity Buy-Out Opportunity 

    • Asset Managment 

    • Estate Planning 

Services to Healthcare Providers:

Financial Planning

Insurance Strategies (life, disability, health)

Investment Strategies

Education Savings

Retirement Planning (individual and group)

Coordination of benefits with other professionals (CPAs, attorneys, etc.)

Additional Services for Residents:

On-site Financial Planning Seminars

Disability Income Insurance / Life Insurance Reviews

Retirement Planning Options

Business Planning Services


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